Virgil Smith

Virgil Smith, long-time Missouri fiddle judge and contest contestant, celebrated his 89th birthday party at the New Florence Nursing and Care Center, New Florence, MO, January 9, 2001. A group of family and friends joined Virgil for an afternoon of fiddling and story telling. The musicians in attendance were Jack Murphy, John White, and Howard Marshall (violins), Kenny Applebee (guitar), Joe and Marily Stevens (bass), and Musial Wolfe (keyboard). Mr Smith himself pulled the bow on some of his favorite and rare old waltzes, such as "Mother's Waltz," "Shenandoah Valley
Waltz," "Four State Waltz," and "Vee Latty's B-flat Waltz." Smith is well-known as a great storehouse of good waltzes. Mr. Smith recently donated his accumulation of fiddle contest trophies, ribbons, and plaques (some 30, most of them from competitions in the 1970s and early 1980s) to the Montgomery County Historical Society in Montgomery City.

Submitted by Howard Marshall, January 2001